Venn diagram brand
Venn diagram brand
Venn diagram brand
Obectivity revised logo

The business cards feature three different backsides that repeat the Venn diagrams used on the website sliders.

Venn diagram business cards
In anticipation of exhibiting at the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC), a series of humorous postcards were mailed out every two weeks before the event to prospective clients. This strategy was an enormous success, demonstrating strong brand recognition which resulted in several leads.

Venn diagram humor postcards
Objectivity’s 2015 Christmas card also featured Venn diagrams, while still relating to the spirit of the holidays.
Mining Company Christmas Card
The Objectivity display features panels that can be displayed together, or separated and displayed in other areas of the trade show as needed.
PDAC mining trade show display
The case study demonstrating the effectiveness of Objectivity’s product, DRX, is available for download from their website.
Objectivity Case Study

A brand identity to attract the math and science crowd

This start up was introducing a new system to drill for minerals and needed to appeal to mining industry professionals such as geologists and engineers. Venn diagrams, a diagram representing mathematical or logical sets pictorially as circles, were introduced to explain the advantages of their product, DRX. Rendering the Venns in a hand drawn style implies how their services integrate a human touch, and also relates to the Objectivity logo.

Scope of Work

Sliders for website
Business cards
Holiday card
Case study