My Website Time and Effort Infographic

Posted on May 29, 2014 in Design, News

Even with the plethora of available website themes, WordPress plug-ins and online tutorials, putting together a website yourself is an big undertaking. Since I was featuring my portfolio, other challenges came into play, such as shooting in natural light which changes quickly during the day. I decided to use scrolling through each project for ease of use on a phone (as opposed to featuring slideshows), so I wanted each image to have the same colour tones as the image above and below. Attention to details like this take time, but I think they are important for presentation.

I began with this theme, because I liked the basic structure, but changed everything from the forward/back buttons to the footer. I am still learning WordPress, so it seemed that even small modifications required a massive effort, and I lost a few hours looking for answers on why whatever I was trying to do wasn’t working out for me. Even with those efforts, in the end I did have to hire a developer to tweak the php code to get everything how I imagined it.

So, if you are like me, a graphic designer with some css/html knowledge, but limited WordPress experience, I put together this infographic to explain how it all went down. Hopefully it will be of some use as you plan your site. Good luck!

Time and Effort Infographic