Ideas for Corporate Christmas Cards

Posted on Oct 29, 2015 in Design, Inspiration

Sending a holiday greeting to clients and customers is a lovely way to thank them for their business and to connect before a new business year. I prefer to send a greeting through the post, rather than email, since physical cards can be displayed and will make a more lasting impresssion.

A beautiful card and quality envelopes are a good start, but why not use this opportunity to take it to the next level? This is the perfect time to demonstrate that you are unique, and make your business memorable. Here are some examples that I have done for my own clients.

Gygax Engineering Associates has hydro and power projects in the most Northern regions of Canada, places not many people ever visit. Each year, their holiday card features an image taken from one of their projects, reminding their contacts of what they do, and where they work.Gygax Engineering Holiday Card

Varis Mine Technology manufactures communication systems for mining and tunneling companies. Since radio transmissions cannot pass through solid rock, the Varis system employs coaxial cables which run throughout the mine or tunnel. Their Christmas cards not only describes the sentiment of the season, but also their business. Varis has a global customer base, so the inside greeting is in a number of languages.

Varis Holiday Card
Objectivity is a company involved in the mining industry. Their contact list is made up of geologists, engineers and mine owners – aka geeks. Venn diagrams are one of their main brand elements used to promote the virtues of their product, and appear on all of their marketing materials. With the long anticipated Star Wars movie opening in December 2015, along with the much loved plaid pattern favoured by geeks and Christmas decorations, that combo provided a sweet spot that would appeal most to this demographic.

Objectivity Holiday Card
The College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia is the regulatory body for the profession, whose registrants only tools are their hands and a massage table. Mittens, that protect hands, and a warm message were used to subtly suggest the work of the College’s members, while still maintaining a holiday theme.

CMTBC Christmas card

For my own holiday greetings, I not only send out a card, but also gift tags. I like giving my clients something useful, and hope that they will think of me when they use them to give to others. I start with purchasing the envelopes, and design the labels, card and tags to complement. Coming up with a theme for six to eight different tags each year is a challenge, and it gives me an opportunity to show my clients diversity in my work.

Sue Ward Design Christmas card
Sue Ward Design Christmas card
Sue Ward Design Christmas tags
If you need some help coming up with ideas on how to promote your business during the holiday season, please get in touch.